For over 25 years we’ve been your go to spot for all your fishing needs.  We stock seasonal live bait for your target, bass, pike, trout, stripers, whatever you’re fishing for we have your needs covered.  Our stock of equipment is too massive to list, open reels, close reels, spinners, casters, you can look at them all before buying, you can’t get that when shopping online.  Rods, oh do we have a selection of rods, deep water, top water, salt or fresh, we have it all.  Salted minnows, live minnows, we have two 500 gallons live tanks and always have what you need.  Lures, hooks, sinkers, we’ll even explain how to tie a knot.  Stop in and check it all out!  Give us a call before you swing in to verify what we have left as live bait doesn’t last long when the bite is on.  Are you ice fishing, we have those requirements covered as well.  Blades for your auger, new augers, jet sleds to slide all your gear onto the ice, we are here to supply your needs.


Live Herring

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Blood Worms

Sand Worms

Shiners, Small, Medium, Large

Night Crawlers

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